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A Revolutionary Product

Turn Trim into Gold

  • Easily and safely convert herbal trim into valuable oils and concentrates 
  • One quarter pound of herbal material (trim to better quality) typically yields 30 grams of oil
  • One kilo of herbal material (trim or better quality) typically yields 200-250 grams of oil

Make Two Types of Oils: Safely and Affordably

  • Our machines make both pristine oils and whole plant oils (from one batch of herbal materials)
  • No butane, no stovetop alcohol 
  • Our machines make extractions both  safe and affordable ($489-$789)

Trusted Brand in Extraction

  • D. Gold Alchemy has been making extraction devices since 1972
  • Earlier devices sold 20,000 units
  • Now D. Gold Alchemy is back on the market wth a new generation of state of the art extraction machines embraced by the pros

community Stories

Rave Review from Skunk Pharm Research (THE extraction experts)!

"...joy and amazement...Clearly an evolved design...The sort of thang that happens, when you continue to mull over a concept for half a century or so...see complete review.


A customer writes, "The ease of use and safety of the unit is excellent."

"Very Happy"

From a customer email: "We (a dispensary) are very happy with the purchase of the ISO 4. We believe this oil is critical for the well-being of our members, and we are very happy with the quality and volume of product the machine produces.  

"Easy to Get Started"

A customer writes, "Appreciated that everything needed was included, started a trial whole plant extraction within the hour."

"Very Impressed"

From a customer email: "I'm very impressed with the entire lab kit and the entire experience. The kit covers everything and the 40 page booklet is great."

Product Details

Safest Way To Extract Oils

  • Butane is unsafe (unless done in a professional lab with equipment that costs $20,000)
  • CO2 extraction devices are unaffordable ($150,000+)
  • D. Gold Alchemy devices put safety first and use alcohol (and cost $489-$789) 

Highest Possible Yields

  • D. Gold Alchemy extraction machines extract 100% of the herbal material, ensuring the highest possible yields 
  • One quarter pound of herbal material processed with the ISO 3 can yield 30 grams of oil
  • One kilo of herbal material processed with the ISO 4 can yield 200-250 grams of oil. 
  • Advanced users tightly packing herbal materials can realize yields of 400-500 grams per kilo

Makes Pristine and Whole Plant Oils

  • D. Gold Alchemy devices are the only ones on the market today that make both pristine and whole plant oil
  • Process two runs: extract one type of oil from the herbal material and then repeat the process re-using the same batch of herbal material to extract the other type of oil

"Set It and Forget It"

  • No more hovering over a stovetop for hours
  • With the D. Gold Alchemy extraction devices, you just set it and forget it
  • Preparation of the extraction process typically takes about 10 minutes. 
  • Extractions then proceed for 12- 24 hours

Economical DIY Solution for Patients

  • Patients legally using herbal material can now lower the cost of whole plant oil (also called Rick Simpson oil or RSO) used in their treatment by making whole plant oil 
  • With oil prices for herbal materials running $35-70 gram, the ISO machines can save patients thousands of dollars

Customer Support

  • Comes with all the accessories needed, a 40 page manual and customer support
  • Money back guarantee; return within 30 days of purchase (less 15% restocking fees and shipping)
  • For orders outside the US, please phone 510-982-1774 to place your order.
  • Learn more in our 20 min. how  to video.
  • Have questions? Call 510.982.1774 or email us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do ISO machines work?

A: The machines are designed to extract the essential oils from any plant or herb. The basic extraction is accomplished by gently washing warm alcohol thru the herbal mass until all of the essential oils are dissolved in the alcohol.  Then the alcohol is removed from the mixture, leaving behind the extracted oil. 

Equipment and instructions are provided to further refine the basic extract and make it into the concentrate products that are popular today.

Q: What form of oil do the machines make?

A: Instructions and equipment are provided to make all of the different concentrates and extraction products that are currently popular for both medicinal and recreational use. 

The machines are designed to produce several different forms of extract products. The simplest process produces thick, dark extract known as “whole-plant oil”. This is a medicinal product containing all of the elements (terpenes, chlorophyll, waxes, etc.). It is often called RSO.

Pristine oils and vaping products can also be made with the ISO machines. Translucent/ amber and clear oils can be extracted and isolated. These oils can be processed into the popular vaping products known as budder, wax, or shatter.

Q: How do the ISO machines compare with closed loop butane extraction machines?

A: The ISO machines are an alternative to the dangers and high costs of butane and CO2 extraction devices. Butane has developed a very negative image in the past few years. The gas is extremely flammable. Countless fires, explosions, and burn injuries have resulted from butane extraction of cannabis. Humboldt county has outlawed sales of butane.

Another problem with butane is the residue left behind in the product. Expensive vacuum ovens are used to purge the final traces of butane.

The ISO machines use ethanol (drinking alcohol) as a solvent. It is many times safer than butane as it is a liquid and not a gas. While ethanol is easily removed from the oils, residual traces are no problem at all as they would have the toxicity of a tiny sip of weak beer.

The ISO machines operate at normal atmospheric pressure. Butane extractors operate at up to 100 pounds of pressure; CO2 equipment can require up to 2000 pounds of pressure. 

Q: What is the efficiency of the machines?

A: Instructions are provided for the practical extraction of 100% of the alcohol-soluble essential oils contained in the plant. This is superior to the inefficiencies of other extraction techniques and equipment, which often leave a substantial amount of desirable elements in the plant waste which is discarded.

Q: How long does it take to complete the extraction, as compared to butane extracting?

A: Butane extraction is much faster, whether a closed loop system or open blasting with tubes. This is because butane is simply run thru the herbal material, then evaporated into the air, or collected with more sophisticated equipment.

There is substantially more work and time involved when making pristine extracts with ethanol using the ISO-3 or ISO-4. 

When making whole plant RSO, however, there is very little work involved while the machine runs with attention for 8 to 24 hours, depending on the type of extraction being performed.

Q: How much herbal material will each machine process? 

A: The ISO-3 Quartermaster will process a quarter pound of loose, fluffy herbal material, up to a half pound if the herb is macerated or tightly packed.  

The ISO-4 Kilomaster will process a kilo of loose material, up to five pounds per run if the material is macerated or tightly packed.

Q: What are the yields of the machines?

A: This varies according to the material used. 

Many Alchemists are realizing upwards of 250 grams of RSO from a kilo of resinous trim. 

The ISO-3 can yield whole plant oil at a rate of about 20% of the weight of the starting material.

Q: Do I need a vacuum pump and oven to purge the remaining solvent from the oils I produce?

A: Instructions are provided for removing all the solvent from the final product. 

Ethanol (drinking alcohol) has been chosen as the solvent of choice due to the lack of toxicity of any traces which the operator may inadvertently leave in the oil. 

Q: Can I choose between making dark whole-plant oil (RSO) or pristine oils or products like wax, shatter and budder?

A: One can easily make pristine oils at the beginning of the process, and then remove all the remaining desirables in the form of whole-plant oil.  This allows the extraction and capture of all of the desirable elements present in the herbal material.

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