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  • D. Gold Alchemy History


    D. Gold Alchemy is the oldest brand name in extraction of herbal material in the U.S., which has earned him the nicknamed "the father of modern extraction alchemy."

    D. Gold Alchemy was founded in 1972 when the legendary Doug Gold (not his real name) learned the hard way about the dangers of extraction when he awoke to find that his lab partner had accidentally started a fire in their house one night. He was injured and and spent several months in the hospital recuperating. It was there that it dawned on him that there must be a better way...

    He had a vision. 

    That vision - of how not to start a fire while  making oils and concentrates - led him to write a bestselling 1972 book on extraction. 

    To date, it has sold 100,000 copies. Today it is still for sale - online at Walmart.


    Five years after writing the book, D. Gold burst upon the scene with a new device - the ISO 1 - that enabled better and safer extraction. It was followed in quick succession by the ISO 2 (pictured at left), a new and improved model, 

    Advertised in High Times, the ISO 2 sold 20,000 units. Production stopped due to federal intervention. 

    1990's - 2015

    D. Gold turned his attention to other topics (gold extraction, energy, and more) but finally focused on the medical field, starting Yak Edibles in 2009.

    With his wife Mary Ann, the two manufactured edibles from whole plant oil they extracted themselves using propriety techniques. 

    Yak Edibles were widely sold in many dispensaries where they were sought after by patients, especially by those who preferred edibles made from whole plant extracts.

    D. Gold also gave weekly talks at Harborside in Oakland, helping hundreds of patients over the years.


    In 2015, Yak Edibles became the official medical edibles supplier to the Tommy Chong brand, until 2016, when the brand decided to focus strictly on recreational use.

    D. Gold decided to return once again to his true love - alchemy - and to making extraction a safe process. 


    D. Gold Alchemy introduced new devices to make extracting whole plant and pristine oils from herbal material both safer and more efficient. 

    It launched the D. Gold Alchemy Quartermaster (ISO 3) in the fall of 2016, where it was immediately acclaimed by extraction expert GrayWolf (of Skunk Pharm Research) as "an evolved


    The ISO 3 and 4 use no butane, significantly reducing the risk of fire. They are also far safer than stovetop alcohol processes described by Rick Simpson, which have resulted in dozens of kitchen fires. 

    Based on GrayWolf's enthusiastic ISO 3 review, more than 50 early adopters bought Quartermasters sight unseen and are now enjoying making oil and concentrates for an investment of $500-$800.

    In making the ISO 3 and later the ISO 4, D. Gold originally sought to enable cancer and other patients to make their own whole plant oils, which are rarely available in the marketplace. Whole plant oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), is quite expensive. Using the ISO 3 or 4, patients who prefer the medicinal qualities of whole plant oil, can now make their own, reducing their costs drastically.

    And now the same is true for anyone who wants to make oil and concentrates from herbal materials. 

    The ISO devices are the only extraction machines on the market that can make both types of oil. And, better yet, they are the only safe devices on the market that are priced affordably. 



    New adventures await. D. Gold looks forward to a new generation of alchemists discovering and using his latest creations. 

    No longer will extraction require costly devices (from $20,000 to $150,000) or put alchemists at risk (from using butane and other flammable solvents under unsafe conditions). 

    The D. Gold Alchemy Quartermaster and Kilomaster are now changing lives, providing access to performance that was once available only to those with big and expensive equipment. 

    Today's alchemists can turn trim into oil, safely and cheaply, thanks to D. Gold Alchemy.

    Modern Alchemy Extraction

    The Machine That Started It All: The ISO 1

    The ISO 1, introduced in 1977, was the first extraction device for the modern alchemist. 

    The First Big Hit in Modern Alchemy: The ISO 2

    The ISO 2, now a cult item, sold 20,000 units back in the day. 

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